• 6 DOF Arm Complete

This 6DOF humanoid arm is composed of six servo motors. The 6 degree of freedom arm has ingenious mechanical structure and control system.

It uses four 13kgcm torque metal gear servo, and two 3.2kgcm servos with precision aluminum machining components to create the perfect humnaoid arm. The arm is of 39cm length, with a 32- way controller to control the operation of the robot arm movements, the controller uses atmega168 MCU, with the computer RS232 serial communication, and can simultaneously control 32 servo motors, has a wifi wireless control module,

Dual power supply of 6 to 12V (4.8 to 6V for 1-16 servos, another 4.8 to 6V for 17-32 servos) is required by the control board.

3mm thick aluminium body
S05NF STD Servo Torque: 2.8kgcm(4.8V); 3.2kgcm(6V)
S06NF STD Servo Torque: 13kgcm(6V); 13.5kgcm(7.2V)
ATMEGA 168 for a 32- channel control
Visualized PC interface
Support simple command control to achieve coherence robotic arm movements
Has a wi-fi wireless control module expansion port
SCM Supply Voltage 6V ~ 12V
Working current : 2~3A
Maximum lifting force : 200G (@ 6V, 3A)
Arm Length : 390mm approximately

4 S06NF STD Servo
2 S05NF STD Servo
MKII Gripper


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6 DOF Arm Complete

  • INR 39,999.00

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