• RF Receiver Transmitter Set

This RF module is used in applications such as remote control switch, home security products, remote control electric doors, remote control curtains, etc.

Receiver module (4 pin)
Idle current: 4mA
Working voltage: 5V
Receiving frequency: 315, 433.92MHZ
Receiver sensitivity: 105DB
Modulation: OOK (ASK)
Working temperature: -10℃ to +70℃
External antenna: Single core wire wound into a spiral

Transmitter module (3 pin)
Transmission Distance: 20-200 meters (different voltage, different effect)
Idle current: 0 mA
Working current: 20-28 mA
Working voltage: 3-12 V
Transfer rate: 0-10 Kbps
Transmit Power: 10-40 mW
Transmitting frequency: 315, 433.92 MHz
Modulation: OOK (ASK)
Working temperature: -10℃ to +70℃

1 Transmitter module
1 Receiver module

Product Wiki

Sensor Details
Operating Voltage Receiver: 5V ; Transmitter: 3.5-12V
Number of Pins RX: 4 : Antenna, VCC, DATA out, GND ; TX: 3 : DATA in, VCC, GND
Dimensions Receiver: 30*14*7 mm ; Transmitter: 19*19 mm

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RF Receiver Transmitter Set

  • INR 100.00

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